About Us

Who We Are

Pearce Geotech is based in Moolap (Geelong) Victoria and provides contruction materials testing services to all of Australia.We have more than two decades’ experience behind us. This experience ensures accurate results, high-quality reporting and a level of service and flexibility that is unmatched in the rest of the market.


Why Clients Choose Us

Many civil contractors, road authorities, mining companies, local councils and private enterprises have become fed up and disillusioned with the construction materials market. They wanted a straightforward service delivered on time and with accuracy.Pearce Geotech was founded as a response to this need in the market, and our level of reception has been overwhelming. We prize integrity and honesty and we are proud of our customer service. It is our aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide a timely, valuable service that will improve safety and provide our clients with the data they need for projects across Australia.


Your Assurance of Quality

We are NATA accredited for construction materials testing,  AS1289, AS1141 and offer supervision under AS3798, as well as ISO/IEC 17025 for Construction Materials Testing. Pearce Geotech is a name you can trust.

Pearce Geotech
Tried and Tested