Plate Load Testing in Colac, Geelong and Melbourne

Safety should be the first priority in any workplace. When you’re preparing to do work at a construction site, you need to make sure everything is safe for you, your workers, and anyone else who may be visiting the site. Failing to meet safety standards could come at a huge cost, and put those in the vicinity in unnecessary danger. You could also risk damaging machinery and the construction project itself, and end up incurring large costs to rectify the situation. Ensure that you’re not caught out. At Pearce Geotech, we offer plate load testing in Geelong, Colac and Melbourne, and now even serve as plate load testing specialists for Adelaide.


Plate load testing from a qualified and professional team

Before you begin any work, make sure you hire a trusted team for your plate load testing. This process is crucial for the stability of your work platforms and also to make sure any foundations will settle correctly.

The test is carried out in situ using hydraulic machinery that places a load on an area where a foundation will be positioned. The weight is increased on the spot in increments to ascertain how much the earth will settle under the weight, and the resulting safety factor of the area is then achieved. Once this has been completed, it will then be evident whether or not the area is safe for scaffolding or other construction structures to be placed on the site.


Call on Pearce Geotech for all your plate load testing needs - now servicing Adelaide

No matter what your geotechnical needs, we can provide our services. Whether you need soil testing or plate load testing in Victoria or across the border in Adelaide or beyond, we’re here for you. Give us a call for more information on what we can do. Make sure you’re doing everything the right way and to Australian standards, and get your plate load testing done in Melbourne, Geelong or Colac with Pearce Geotech today!