Iron Bridge Project

FMG Raw Water Pipeline

Client: MPC Kinetics

Located in south of Port Hedland, WA, the mine produces ~100 MTPA of magnetite ore which will be processed into 22 MTPA of concentrate product. The concentrate product will be shipped out of Port Hedland.

The pipeline project consists of a raw water pipeline ~240 km in length which delivers raw water from the canning basin bore field to the mining operation. Pearce Geotech provides geo-testing requirements in the construction of the pipeline to supply the water requirements of the mine. We have established an onsite annex laboratory with FIFO technicians to conduct all remote certified laboratory testing. This project further confirms Pearce Geotech as a market leader in materials testing for renewable energy projects.


The Project will mine approximately 100 MTPA of magnetite ore, which will be processed into 22 MTPAa of concentrate product.

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